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NHRI units include laboratories for P2 & P3, molecular and biotechnology, microarray, and viruses among others.

The largest medical center in Taiwan.

An excellent example of a modern medical facility in Taiwan featuring thorough functionality and humanitarian concerns.

Taiwan's first children's hospital at the national level is designed with bold colors and irregular shapes and forms on the façade of the building.

The hospital sets an excellent example of organic development in medical architecture planning, expanding from 400 to 1,700 beds in 20 years. The facilities include Li-xue building, Zi-qiang building, Ji-shi building, research center and several buildings of phases 3, 4 & 5.

This medical center in the Taipei Metro area is an excellent combination of medical research and development.

This hospital's construction began in May 1996 and completed in April 1999.

The first hospital sponsored by The Tzu Chi Foundation.

The best example of a patient-oriented and humanitarian hospital.

This hospital is designed with pitched roof and continuous arc line, providing ample daylight and reflecting the design language of Tzu Chi’s medical architecture.

Buddhist Tzu Chi General Hospital,Taipei Branch.

Jing-si Hall represents the unspoken Tzu Chi spirit.

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